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What is hydrocodone used for?

This medicine is comes under the category of a strong pain relief. This is an opioid that is derived from the opium plant poppy. This is one of the most famed opioids that is used as a painkiller. In most cases, it is used to treat mild to very severe levels of pain. Further to that, it can be used to treat and suppress coughs.

This medication works to change the way your brain perceives pain and responds to it. It has also been shown that this medication can reduce fever to a great extent. Word of caution is that you cannot use the medication in children who are below 6 years of age. This is because of the higher likelihood of side effects.


The dosage of hydrocodone is depends upon the patient condition and the severity of the pain will determine your dosage. Normally an adult is taking “hydrocodone 10/325mg” once in a day. Your physician is the right person who can provide you the better information about the dosage of hydrocodone after the evaluation of patient condition. The amount of dosage can be increase of decrees it depends upon the patient condition. Regular follow up with your doctor is required because they will monitor patient health improvement on time to time. In this duration if higher dosage required then they can increase the dosage like “hydrocodone 10/650mg”. There is a likelihood of tolerance to the medication with the continuous use. The normal dosage of the medication for the adult is one tablet after every four hours making a total dose of not more than 6 tablets. One tablet of the hydrocodone is about 10 mg.


While using this medicine it is highly recommended that do not use alcohol to avoid an increasing number of side effects. This interaction will definitely increase nervous system side effects like drowsiness, dizziness and facing difficulty in concentration. When you take hydrocodone, you get some euphoria effects. Consumption of alcohol magnifies these effects. You will, therefore, get the feeling of the highness of hydrocodone. There are some effects that have been reported with the use of the two. They include:-

Numbness, Enhanced euphoria, Relaxed feeling and a lot of drowsiness. There are also dangerous effects of the use of the two. They together work to depress the central nervous system. This accounts for the reason why you would feel dizzy and then lose consciousness. Severe central nervous system depression could lead to death in the long run.


The brand name of hydrocodone is known as Vicodin. This is a powerfully addictive pain relief medicine. Using these medicines for a long time can be physical dependence or even a fully addiction to hydrocodone. The medication promotes the rewarding feeling and in that regard, increase the production of dopamine that then increases the good feeling. This is the real explanation as to why the medication is likely to cause addiction and drug dependence. This is because one would want to get good and reward feeling every other time.


Nowadays or in this advance developed technology or in the current world, things are so easy in the sense that you can “buy hydrocodone 10mg online”. The prices of the purchases are not the same but rather vary from one supplier to the other. The price of one pill is about $ 2.29, you are likely to be discounted if you buy more.

For instance, you will get $ 3.78 when you buy 30 pills, $ 3.32 when you buy 60 pills, $ 2.89 when you buy 90 pills, $ 2.59 when you buy 120 pills and 2.29 when you buy 240 pills. At the same pharmacy, you can buy hydrocodone without a prescription.


There are several reasons that should prompt that you can “buy hydrocodone online” to get the benefits and advantage according to your convenience and these are the important points that why people are “buying hydrocodone online”.

Buying hydrocodone over the counter is much higher than online pharmacies because of the reason they are not spending money on advertisement and physical promises as an alike storehouse or retail shop. It is relatively less expensive for “buying hydrocodone online”. For that reason, they are able to cut down their prices to a very affordable cost. Further, it is likely that you will be saved from the hassle of having to visit the store to get the medicine. However online pharmacies are providing delivery at your doorstep if you will “order hydrocodone online” the medicines are delivered at your doorstep.

It is likely that one would hesitate to visit the pharmacy or due to the busy schedule they are unable to go store they can easy “order hydrocodone 10mg online” and they need to wait for the delivery and after few days you will get your product at your doorstep. Several online pharmacies are also providing overnight delivery so it is possible to “buy watson hydrocone online”, it is delivered as soon as you would want it


This is one of the advantages that would prompt you to “buy hydrocodone online”. One is not asked to provide a prescription from the doctor so as to receive the medication. This medication is delivered at your doorstep from the manufacturer. All you have to do is visit the online pharmacies and provide your details and then the medication will be tailored to suit your needs.


The only difference between generic and brand hydrocodone is the trade name of manufacturers shape and size. However chemical composition and ingredients are the same . You can also buy cheap generic hydrocodone online. It is cheaper because the manufacturer of these drugs does not need the same cost as the brand names. Brand names require a lengthy process to make them and this is an extra cost.


This is a white in color and oblong scored pills with an imprint of “WATSON 853” it is called Watson hydrocodone. The generic name is hydrocodone acetaminophen and the strength is 10/325mg and it is used for the treatment of cough and belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesic combinations, rheumatoid arthritis and back pain.

This is an opioid that is used to deal with discomfort in most cases. It is in most cases referred to as a narcotic. The generic names under the same category include Zohydro ER and Hysingla ER. They are both delayed-release forms and can be used to treat very extreme cases of discomfort. You can still "buy Watson hydrocodone online".


Drug interactions and side effects are likely to come by with the regular use of hydrocodone. Ensure that you visit your doctor when:

You start getting some shallow breathing and slowed the rate of heartbeat.

You have a feeling of lightheadedness and fainting from time to time and you get convulsions.

You get confused from time to time and experience unusual thoughts and you get severe nausea, extreme loss of appetite, darkening of urine, stool that is clay colored and chronic upper epigastric pain and you get severe constipation

Some of these side effects can be reduced by reducing the intake of the medication. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist when these side effects persist. The signs of constipation can be reduced by the use of a laxative that will soften stool. The following are some of the precautions that you should take when on this medicine.

You should avoid driving any vehicle or heavy machinery until you have withdrawn from the medication. This is because of the medication's ability to impair your thinking and judgment. And you are under the influence of alcohol so as to avoid the additive effects of the medicine. Do not use this medicine if you are breastfeeding. This is because the medication can easily be passed to the baby through breast milk and also if you have a history of heart or breathing problems. This is because you will be more susceptible.

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